Mule CoAP Client Connnector - 1.0

This version can be used in Mule 3.8 and Mule 3.9 applications.


Release Date Description
1.0.0 2018-07-22 first release, uses Californium 1.0.6
1.0.1 2019-04-01 bugfixes, uses Californium 1.0.7


Installation in Anypoint Studio

Update Site

The most convenient way to install the connector is using the Update Site. Configure the Url below into Anypoint Studio 6 by clicking the menu entry: Help > Install New Software... > Add... . After adding the site it can be selected in the dialog. Then the connector plugins are shown after which they can be installed (see also: To Install From the Studio Help Menu ). After install and restart of Studio the CoAP icons appear as usable connectors in the Mule Palette panel. From there they can be dragged into the Mule Flows.

Update site Url:

From sourcecode

The connector can also be installed in Anypoint Studio from sourcecode. To do this download the sourcecode from Github and import the source into Studio as Anypoint Connector Project. Select the project and choose from the context menu (right mouseclick) > Anypoint Connector > Install or Update.

To build Anypoint Connectors a working Maven configuration in Anypoint Studio is needed. See also: Using Maven in Anypoint Studio.


After having installed of the connector plugins, import the examples as Mule Project into Anypoint Studio 6.


Add the dependency below to the pom of Mule Maven projects that use the Connector.